Private Yoga Classes

60 MINUTES $75 • 90 MINUTES $120 (plus gst)

It all starts with a personal conversation about how you feel and what you need to shift the body-mind situation. Together we will investigate how yoga asana, breathing techniques, meditation and self-reflection bring you into balance with the best of yourself.

FREE 15 minute add-on*

your first consultation!

*Available for a limited time only!

Why you need a private yoga class?

  • you work best in a one-on-one learning exchange and thrive on personal kind assistance to develop or deepen a practice that suits your unique lifestyle 

  • you would like to start a yoga program but are nervous about attending a public yoga class

  • you would like slow, responsive, compassionate instruction the suits your unique body and mind

  • you are recovering from injury and need assistance with the yoga postures that would work best in your situation after consulting with your doctor and/or physiotherapist

  • you are dealing with stress, anxiety, low moods, low energy, accepting an illness/injury and need to find ways to maximize techniques to relax or energize to create space to heal your mind and body

  • you have been practicing yoga for years but have particular areas of your body/mind that you needs hands-on assistance to open, strengthen, calm and deepen

  • you have an interest in yogic philosophy and wonder if there are texts, questions and conversations to contemplate that would give you insights on living a happy & balanced life

  • you are a yoga teacher who needs mentoring in diving deeper into pranayama, meditation, aspects of anatomy for hatha or yin yoga, sequencing, philosophy and themes that draw upon your skills and unique gifts as a yogi


Free 15 minute phone assessment!

Let’s talk and see if a yoga consultation would suit your needs and if I am the right person for you to work with you.


Complimentary follow-up includes:

  1. a written yoga plan to follow with suggestions on asana, breath work & meditation techniques and contemplations 

  2. a video of your asana sequence if you are developing or deepening your personal practice

  3. a follow-up call from me to see how you are feeling and you could ask any questions