Breath work =

playful vitality!


Breathe Easy Yoga Sessions

Pranayama with key asana to open your lungs

book Saturdays or Sundays for small private groups

  • Investigate the body-breath-mind connection

  • Assess how your breathe now and how you can influence the flow to greater well-being

  • Cleanse your respiratory system of long standing breath habits that reduce your lung capacity

  • Practice the expansion and freeing of Prana/Vitality with simple effective techniques

  • Techniques of Tranquil breathing preparation for meditation, 9-round purification, Nadi Shodhana and how to expand it over time & Bhramari Breath


Why is the breath so important?

It is the jewel of vitality … & longevity!

Your kingdom is the the energetic field of your body, speech and mind, and the jewel of life is your breath. You’ve probably already experienced chest or belly tension from poor posture and chronic backache or anxiety that inhibit bountiful breath. But you have also experienced vital breath on a mountain peak or taking in the Pacific breeze. You have already detected the delight of freeing your breath and you can influence the flow all the time … towards clear & calm!

Breathing fully is the quickest way to influence the body & mind

  • Train your capacity to draw upon more sustenance, strengthen your immune system, heighten your awareness and positive outlook.

  • Simply by being aware of how you breath, you can take in more life and ripple it out more calmly

  • Re-experience the dynamics of your breath and tap into powerful breathing experiences & techniques to free the natural flow of your vitality. 


OR book a One-on-One

Breathwork Consultation:

Sessions scheduled Saturdays

  • Individual assessment of your breathing dynamics

  • Custom designed postures and breathing experiences & techniques to suit your specific health and relaxations needs

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The human body at peace with itself
is more precious than the rarest gem.
— Lama Tsongkhapa


Work with me:

A couple of decades ago, stiff limbs and an asthmatic chest urged me to investigate yoga asana. After years of running, rowing and flamenco dance, I felt depleted and sore from the pounding and pulling of intense exercise with bouts of shortness of breath. I asked myself, “Where is the vitality after all this effort?” To my delight, after developing a disciplined hatha yoga practice that gifted suppleness and strength, I discovered the power of pranayama practice to heighten awareness of my natural breath depth and maximized dimensions which energized, renewed mental clarity and inspired calm. No more asthma! It was also the ideal foundation to dive deeper into steady meditation.

I will draw upon the physiological foundations from the inspiration of Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche’s Awakening the Sacred Body and my pranayama practice experiences with venerable Anila Ann McNeil and Yogi Tara Dutt Kandpal of Siddhi International Yoga, in Dharmsala, India. 

Yoga braids the breath, the blood & bliss into one,
raising it to your crown!
— sandra stephanson


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